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Professional Soccer Analytics & Videos

For Clubs & Academies

FIFA Quality

FIFA EPTS Quality Certified

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Women's Premier 
Soccer League

February 2023

TRACK160 was selected as the official automated analytics provider for the WPSL, the largest women's soccer league in the world.

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Women's League

January 2023

TRACK160 has signed a 4-year agreement with the DFB to provide performance analytics and videos to the Women's Bundesliga, along with the 3. Liga.

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Football Australia National Youth Championships

September 2022

TRACK160 was chosen as the analytics partner during Football Australia's National Youth Championships, empowering elite coaches and players throughout the event.

Be "That Club"
That Everyone Wants To Join

Give your players and coaches the tools they need to take center stage and become tomorrow’s superstars


Empower your professional team with elite-class automated soccer analytics and videos

  • Accurate tracking & performance data

  • Automated event tagging & video clips

  • Detailed tactical & fitness breakdowns

  • FIFA EPTS Quality certified

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Accelerate player development and engage fans & families with personalized videos and statistics

  • Advanced tactical, fitness & performance data

  • Personalized videos to share with teammates, family and friends

  • Team metrics to assess on-field collaboration 

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Be "That Club"
That Wins Hearts


Get a fully automated analytics solution with accurate stats, insights and match video clips to easily perform player / squad / team analysis to accelerate player development.


Discover the stats that underline players’ talent with personalised video clips of match highlights, along with performances stats to help identify strengths and weaknesses.

Fans & Families

Create buzz and go viral! Take center stage as your players keep their fanbase engaged and closer than ever. Help them share their favorite moments of the match with their families and friends.

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Breaking The Barrier With
Computer Vision And Machine Learning

Powered by an AI-based solution that fuses computer vision, machine learning, and match data, clubs and academies at every level can now drive forward team performances through an accessible, elite-level platform.

  • Single viewpoint video capturing

  • Continuous skeleton tracking across the entire field

  • Advanced deep learning and full 3D reconstruction

  • Automated event tagging using AI

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“With Track160’s accurate system, we can quickly analyze the match and understand the moves down to the specific player. This lightweight system delivers not only rich analytics that provides deeper insights to the game but is also easy for us to operationally handle from one location to another since it’s a single viewpoint that captures the entirety of the pitch.”

— Sascha Härtel, Head of performance analytics at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

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