Football Analytics

For Leagues And Clubs At Any Level

Football (Soccer) Analytics

Designed for leagues and clubs at any level

Designed for leagues and clubs at any level

no human operators. No GPS wearables. zero infrastructure requirements.

No matter what size of stadium you play in or the degree of your expertise, with Track160 you get elite-class football (soccer) analytics that's generated for you automatically. All you need is a video recording of a match from a single viewpoint and our technology will do the rest.

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Players at all levels can access personal data and video highlights from every game on Track160 smartphone app. Providing performance analytics previously only available to elite players, the key to becoming a better player is in your pocket.


Automated football analytics in an all-in-one platform

Highly accurate tracking and performance data, automated video analysis and sport science information - all in one intuitive platform

Performance Analysis

Get performance data for teams, individual players, or squads of your choice, from either side of the field. Explore different parameters: Position, squad compactness, passing networks, distance, acceleration, deceleration, sprints, dangerousity and more. 

Video Analysis

Explore a collection of auto-generated video clips of every event that occurred in the match. Filter for passes, dribbles, goals, assists, throw-ins, free kicks, corners, dangerous moments, and create playlists of high quality video clips that can be viewed, shared or downloaded.


Sport Science

Examine detailed fitness and tactical information at different times during the match, including sprints, fitness, acceleration, deceleration, and many more.


Keep your workflows intact - easily integrate with your sport management platform using Track160 API, or export data in CSV / XML formats to import into your existing system. In addition, all reports can be downloaded in PDF format and videos exported as MP4 files.


Suitable for every pitch

 All you need is a single viewpoint video of a match


No manual operators. Set up IP cams
once and operate remotely


Portable camcorder set, easy to set up‏

zero infrastructure requirements‏

Fix - No manual operators  Set up IP cams once and operate remotely
Portable Portable camcorder set, easy to set up‏  Zero infrastructure requirements‏