FIFA-certified performance analytics with video play highlights for every team, footballer & play

Throughout the Football Australia National Youth Championships Track160 will bring the action straight to your mobile devices.

All NYC players are getting:

group 6.png

Personalized performance analysis of you and your team, to help identify strengths and weaknesses

group 10.png

Individual and team video highlights, along with full-match highlights

group 8.png

Match stats, including pass distribution, sprint speed, distance covered, and much more

group 7.png

Your own performance library that grows with every match, helping you assess, and improve throughout the season

Psd 2.png

And we haven’t
left out
the coaches:

group 26.png

Professional analytics in an easy to use web interface

group 29.png

Personalised coaching tools

group 27.png

Teamwork tracking

group 28.png

Shareable training tools.

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