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Performance Analysis

Get performance data for teams, individual players, or squads of your choice

Football Performance Analysis

Get performance data for teams, individual players, or squads of your choice, from either side of the field. Explore different parameters: Position, squad compactness, passing networks, distance, acceleration, deceleration, sprints, dangerousity and more. 

Available Metrics

Average Position

Find where selected players are, on average, both over the course of the entire match and during the first and second halves, with both a tactical map and a heatmap. The location of the ball is also shown in pie charts that locate its average position on the field.


See the distance between selected players to find out how close they are to each other. The data is presented as both a tactical map showing the smallest rectangle that holds all of them as well as a graph that shows their maximum distance from each other over time.

Passing Network

Find how players passed the ball: who passed it to whom and how often. A tactical map shows the players by their numbers and arrows between them. A table shows the information about the passes in more strict numeric detail, showing when players passed to each other and their success rates and locations.

Relative Distance

Learn how much distance each player covered throughout the match. The information is presented in a graph that shows distance over time. It also shows the player’s speed throughout the match.

Acceleration / Deceleration

Count the exact number of acceleration and deceleration actions players took, both individually and as a team. The actions are separated by speeds and listed over time.


See how many sprints each player ran, and how much distance was covered in those sprints. They are graphed over time, showing the effort each player exerts during the match.


Dangerousity is a metric showing the dangerous moments, those when a goal is likely to occur. You can find the most dangerous moments of the game, but also get a reading on how dangerous each team was overall. The graph showing dangerousity is also accompanied by a bar showing the dominance of one team over the other.


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