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From Buenos Aires to Track160’s analytics desk

We’ve written in the past about Track160’s crack analyst team, with a 3-part interview of our analysts Daniel, Geva, Maor, and Roy. They supplied an insightful and thoughtful look into what an analyst does, both on the pitch and in a sport-tech start-up. They are home-grown talent, and an asset to both Track160 and the clubs they work for.

Gastón Ricardo Fratesi is another member of our analytics team, one who made his own journey from halfway across the world, from a career as a footballer to our analytics desk. The 25-year-old from Argentina brings his own insights and experience that are irreplaceable for Track160. We interviewed him as well, and asked him about his background in football, and what he believes the future holds; not just for himself, but also for Track160.

“My career wasn’t going to be as a football player”

“I started playing football when I was 9 years old for Vélez Sarsfield,” Gastón says. “After five years in their academy, I moved to the Independiente under 17 division. I got injured, though, and damaged my knee, and I ended up spending two years without playing. I got back after those two years, and I just wasn’t the same player. There was a lot of… I was afraid. My knee hadn't healed perfectly. I decided to continue playing, but I also started university. My career wasn’t going to be as a football player, not with my knee the way it was.” Even with university, though, he never strayed far from football. “Football is my passion,” he says. “I started studying business administration, a five year degree, but on the side, I did a two-year program in the football coach’s association. I started coaching with local teams, twelve to seventeen years old, also a girl’s team.” Then, Gastón had a thought that seemed like a complete change of direction. “I saw the opportunity to come to Israel. I have family here, and I can make Aliyah (immigrate to Israel), so that’s what I did. I hoped I could find work here, and I found Track160. When I saw that they were looking for analysts, I said ‘this is an opportunity to join a company that’s going to grow a lot’. I liked that idea, to be able to develop professionally while being in a company that itself is growing.”

Gastón with the other members of Track160's analysis team

“We’re always trying to improve the platform”

Asked about what he does in his position, Gastón says “I’m an analyst, and now I’m trying to get the clients better service. We’re always trying to improve the platform and the system. I work a lot with the other analysts in the team, and I wish to continue that work.” We’ve written about the other analysts, and Gastón’s smile widens when asked about them. “I was afraid because of the language gap, but when I arrived here, I found a very good team. From the first day, they were willing to help me, but I learned that they didn’t just mean to help me with work. I feel like I’ve known them for a long time. Even after work, they ask me what I need, what’s going on, and it’s never just been about the work.” “If I need something, even on the weekends, there’s always someone there to help me. I originally came for a five month program but once I arrived, I knew I wanted to stay longer. Two years, three, four, five… this company is going to grow, and I’ll be able to say I was here from the beginning.”

This is what we do... Check out this overview of our fully automated product

“The right things for different players from different levels”

Track160’s all-in-one analytics platform is fully automated, requiring only the installation of cameras in one location to get a full dataset for any match played on that pitch. It can handle a pitch of any size, and does not require adjustment beyond that initial installation. It can bridge the gap between the sub-elite and the 1% of clubs that can afford to have in-house analysts, and the rest, by supplying AI-generated top-level analytics. “The product itself is some of the best software in football. I’m speaking as a coach, an ex-player and an amateur footballer,” he says. “Getting data in a few hours is incredible. Nothing better than to play a match and immediately see the results. What you did badly, what you did well, the passing, the goals, how much you ran… The thing is that the product can offer the right things for different players of different levels - amateur, professional, boys, girls, it’s got something in it for everyone.” “Someone will want to see goals, another person will be focused on passes, another will want to know how much they ran. The only thing they’ll have in common is that they’ll want to see football. Coaches, too, will have another tool to work with.”

"Amateur football could benefit a lot from using Track160’s solution”

Asked about who he sees as getting the most benefit from Track160, he immediately reiterates “football amateurs,” but after a moment he says “coaches”. While automated data analytics can help any club, “amateur football doesn’t have a lot of resources. But with this, they’ll be able to have information about themselves and another team, and they’ll be able to watch it, and they’ll improve.”

“They’ll be able to watch video, week after week, read report after report, and improve. The players will also be able to have videos quickly, to show their families and post on Instagram. I think it’ll be a universal solution in the future.”

“I was afraid,” Gastón says, growing pensive. “Leaving Argentina, my friends, my family, I was worried about it. Well, I’m here.” And we’re thrilled he is.

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