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Football Analytics Bi-weekly Roundup Jan 9-22

A lot happens in football analytics that doesn’t fit into our normal articles, but is worth knowing about anyway. The many incredible analysts who put their work up online should be noticed, and we’d like to point out a few pieces you may have missed on a bi-weekly (the one that happens once every two weeks, not twice a week) basis.

Wordle but for Footballers

This is probably the opposite of analytics, but most of our group chats have been consumed by Wordle and we’re going to make the wild assumption that others are similar. Someone (and we don’t know who, but if this person finds this and wants to correct us we will edit them in) made a Wordle variant for footballers. Give it a go!

A tactical history of Liverpool

Holding Midfield is a rather new youtube channel, and their first series is, well, exactly what’s in the title. The episodes so far are short and very watchable, and also a very informative look into one of the world’s most famous clubs. It’s always a joy to find new things before they get big, and be able to say “I was here when it started” but even without those bragging rights, it’s worth checking out.

Keep It On The Deck explain the value of good passing

With quotes from players and videos showing what they mean, Keep it on the Deck examine what good passing actually is. They look at more than making sure the right player gets the ball, but also at what makes a good passer in general, showing how it’s an underrated skill.

Five Thirty-Eight explain the value of good goalkeeping

John Muller’s look into Matt Turner’s skill isn’t just about Matt Turner as a player, but a larger look at how people value defense. Many jobs have a job description that includes “If you do it well, nobody will know you did anything”, and this article argues something very similar. It also discusses the current and future state of football, and how quickly the sport is changing (though, being American, it does call football soccer).

The Coaches’ Voice explains Third Man Runs

Tactics keep getting more complex as they adapt to each other, and The Coaches’ Voice cuts through the noise somewhat, explaining what a third man run is, and how it helps when facing a determined defense. They showcase famous matches where it was used, and how it helped in those matches.


Did we miss something? Do you see something for a later round-up? Let us know!

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