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Track160 comes to Melbourne's SportNXT summit

Track160 CEO Eyal Ben-Ari participated in the SportNXT summit in Melbourne on Wednesday, alongside many other thought leaders in the sports tech industry. Ben-Ari was part of a panel called "the future of data," which focused, among other topics, on performance analytics and bringing personalized data and videos to footballers from any level of the game - not just the pros.

Ben-Ari's participation in the summit was preceded by an announcement about Track160's launch of its leading optical tracking sports analytics solution for community football in Australia, bringing elite-level analytics to players and coaches at all levels of the game for the first time.

"We provide the opportunity to have an objective measurement across all players, male and female, at all levels," Ben-Ari said at the start of the session, referring to Track160's long-time vision. "We can use the data to give every kid their moment, not just the top 1%."

* Video was taken at Sportnext summit in Melbourne

"Younger players expect different things from sports than previous generations, and getting them excited about sport is much harder," He then added. "But data allows sports to engage with this new generation of players. They are playing games and watching e-sports. They are really into data. So providing them information about their performance is important".

Another topic that came up during the session was how to balance commercial opportunities, privacy, and integrity when it comes to data. Ben-Ari then referred to Track160's commitment to data control.

"We can now have much more in-depth data on everyone and everything, but we need to keep in mind that we're not only business and sports executives, we're also parents and fans". he said. "We must balance all those needs when it comes to using the data. This is why data control and management is extremely important. It's about doing the right thing for the player and the parents".

* photos credit: Stephen Wilson


About Track160

At Track160, we believe that every football coach and player deserves to have access to the same high-quality data solutions currently available only to the few elite clubs.

That is why we developed a fully automated FIFA EPTS certified football data analytics platform designed for clubs, leagues, schools, and academies at any level. Using optical tracking technology that automatically identifies the location of multiple joints in a player's body and tracks 3D pose and motion, we provide players and coaches with highly accurate data, video, and events in one product suite.

The all-in-one solution leverages Computer Vision and proprietary Deep Learning techniques and therefore requires no initial expertise or complex installation.

Track160 - elite standard data analytics in a simple to use, affordable solution for all levels of the game.


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