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Interested in entering football analytics professionally? Start here

We have previously recommended the individual work of Dr. David Sumpter and Dr. Catherine Pfaff, as well as the channel they host together, Friends of Tracking. They are an invaluable resource for any data analyst and two true giants of the field. We’ve been watching their work instead of doing our own, and we’d like to recommend one video, in particular, that is incredibly interesting for anyone interested in data analytics and entering the field.

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In their video What do data analysts and data scientists do at a football club?, they talk to four leading analysts. While the analysts each have their presentation, Sumpter and Pfaff ask questions and have a lively conversation, if one that is very influenced by the modern-day issues that plague ZOOM conferences. They also utilize the modern convenience of Youtube chat and answer questions raised there.

Clocking in at almost two hours, the video likely isn’t for casual viewers, but it is very insightful, and the guests come from everywhere in the business. Ashwin Raman shows how a young man who’s not very attracted to math can still become an expert scouting analyst, Hannah Roberts shows a veteran independent analyst’s view of data analytics. Sam Gregory, the director of analytics for Inter Miami CF, showcases his understanding from a high-level point of view, as does Rob Suddaby, the football project manager at FIFA.

The panel is fascinating and much more enjoyable than you’d expect a two-hour zoom call to be; the guests are each interesting personalities and their insight into the field is almost unmatched.

Watch Friends of Tracking special panel


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