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Track160 CEO Eyal Ben-Ari's Colosseum Sport interview

Track160 CEO Eyal Ben-Ari was recently interviewed by Colosseum Sport as part of their 5th sports ecosystem report. Colosseum Sport focuses on sports tech solutions, with the goal of bringing sports ahead in every field. Track160’s fully automated data analytics platform, as part of the data revolution, matches this perfectly. They focused on that in their conversation, discussing Track160’s technological capabilities and certifications, as well as the status of sports in general.

Of particular interest, they discussed the upcoming World Cup in Qatar and how technologically advanced it will be. Technological solutions becoming an integral part of such a big tournament is certain to improve the entire sport, as long as we can ensure that teams other than the top 1% can get similar access to data. Other subjects that came up include further technological advancements Track160 may possibly bring into play and a look back at our 2021 and what we expect from 2022.

Watch Eyal Ben-Ari's interview with Colosseum Sport


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