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Track160 CEO Eyal Ben Ari's presentation at Sports Biz Europe

#SportBizEurope is a convention held this year in Barcelona, covering many aspects of the sports business and technology. It is not exclusively intended for football, and indeed the guests included speakers and attendees from the NBA, Euroleague, ATP, and Formula1, but football also had a respectful presence with executives from PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and more.

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It was a fascinating event, notable for its forward-looking perspective and the central issue of advancing every sport, and we had the privilege of participating in it as well. As a key speaker, Track160’s CEO, Eyal Ben Ari, discussed the future of football and how technology is being integrated into it. He spoke about the advantages of analytics and how it could be brought to clubs outside of the elites. Finally, he introduced Track160 itself, and our vision for the future of football data analytics.

Watch Eyal Ben-Ari's presentation at the SportBiz Europe event

Track160 is the only fully-automated football analytics solution providing FIFA Quality certified data. It is already working with several well-known football leagues across the globe, empowering a wide range of teams, from youth to pro-league clubs.


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