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Track160 Press Release: Announcing strategic partnership agreement with DFL

When technology and sports meet - Track160’s solution for sports performance analysis

Will the next Messi be German? Can we experience a football match from the viewpoint of the players? German Bundesliga in a revolutionary collaboration with Israeli start-up

Today, a strategic partnership was signed between the Israeli start-up Track160 and the DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga (responsible for the organization and marketing of the Bundesliga worldwide).

The partnership has a significant value for Track160 in new acquired abilities and a boost in reputation and global network.

Track160, which develops player and ball tracking systems and performance analysis, and DFL announced a cooperation agreement at a press conference in Germany on Thursday. Under the framework of the agreement, Track160 gains access to the Bundesliga game data archives, and will also compete for future technological contracts for the league. The CEO of the DFL, Mr. Christian Seifert, will be joining the Track160 board of directors. This is a significant expression of confidence in the technology and vision of Track160 and an important development that will enable it to penetrate the elite soccer global market.

Track160, a young start-up company established in March 2017 by the serial entrepreneur Dr. Miki Tamir and by Micha Birenboim, has already co-operated with Maccabi Tel-Aviv FC and its youth divisions, and has also made several successful pilots in Germany and is in business dealings with other leading customers in global football.

The Track160 solution allows coaches and media brands to collect performance data as well as tactical data on the team and players, such as average distances, sprints, successful deliveries, accumulated loads, and predict injury risks and player suitability. Deep Learning and Computer Vision algorithms enable the system to locate player positions and position the ball in the 3D world and in fact make the flat video into a Dynamic three-dimensional world.

Dr. Miki Tamir, founder of Track160: "We are delighted to announce our cooperation with one of the world's leading and most innovative football leagues. This is an expression of confidence in Track160’s Deep Learning technology and we are excited by the potential of this collaboration. The sports-tech industry is in a period of significant change in which high-tech and artificial intelligence technologies enable the development of innovative and fascinating applications in the field. I believe that along with the DFL we will lead a real revolution in the world of sports, and that our developments will advance new capabilities and applications in the areas of training, media and gaming."

Christian Seifert, CEO of the Bundesliga: "I am excited and welcome the cooperation with Track160. We have been accompanying and communicating Track160 for several months. We were very impressed with its technological capabilities and achievements as well as the depth of their vision and their rapidly advancing capabilities in the world of Big Data and Machine Learning. I would be delighted to be part of the Trak 160 board of directors and to participate in shaping the future of sports technology. "

On the DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga

The DFL is the umbrella company of professional football in Germany, the 36 clubs of Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2. The Bundesliga is considered to be one of the most competitive and leading leagues on the continent and in the world, and is responsible for producing content beyond the league's management, such as television broadcasts, digital applications and many events in cooperation with the community. The Bundesliga is leading in adopting innovative technologies and promoting sports technology, primarily the VAR, as well as developing and using advanced statistics and video analysis in all the league teams. In recent years, the Bundesliga has been promoting a gaming and e-sports league in addition to its soccer leagues.

On Track160

Track160 was established in 2017 by Dr. Miki Tamir and Micha Birnbaum, leading experts in the field of sports technology and computer vision. Miki Tamir is one of the founders of Orad, Vumii, Sportvu, Stergen and Pixelot.

Track160 provides a solution to the emerging field of sports information analysis using AI, and offers an innovative way to track players / ball and tactical information production and performance analysis. Track160’s technology enables teams and coaches to get rid of cumbersome GPS and RF sensors and switch to fully automatic tracking without the need for a human operator. The system generates a per game or training session data-set, based on optical tracking of the players and the ball, decoded and catalogued by Deep Learning technologies developed exclusively by the company.

The use of an optical system only, which connects to an analysis product for the field coaches, is a breakthrough and a significant leap forward in the sports data market in terms of accuracy and ease of collection and installation.


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