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Track160 to premiere in Australia

We're delighted to announce that Track160, the world’s leading optical tracking sports analytics solution, is debuting in Australia. Read the full press release

At a time where Australian football is focused on the challenge of developing future talent, Track160, the world leader in optical player tracking and analytics for elite leagues, will premiere the first affordable football performance analytics tool for all levels of the game, in Australia.

Powered by Track160’s optical athlete tracking and analytics solution used by professional leagues and teams, the solution brings this professional tool to community football for the first time. It will empower players and coaches through access to analysis of their individual and team performance, with video clips and statistics showing every important moment, all of which can be shared with family and friends. Players will be able to access their videos and data via a smartphone app, to be launched in late April.

Whilst Track160 is well established as a global technology supplier to professional leagues and teams, Australia was chosen as the first market for the new solution due to the large number of football participants, the largest club-based participation sport in the country, its culture of early adoption of new technologies.

For Australian football, more data means more ability to track player development, identify coaching needs and player talent, and allow comparison to overseas teams and players. It can provide the ability to track the development of far more players than has historically been the case through scouting. Track160 CEO, Eyal Ben Ari, said “Track160 is committed to making elite football analytics available to players and coaches at all levels of the game. We are delighted to be launching our community football solution in Australia and very grateful for the support of Innovation Victoria”. Already, the solution has been piloted at clubs in Victoria and Queensland and the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We are delighted to work with Track160 and deliver a genuine world-first service to our members in grassroots football. The analysis and data provided by this Track160 will prove a wonderful resource for our coaches and players, and we look forward to all the benefits this technology will bring our players in the future,” said Essendon Royals Head of Football Vaughn Coveny.

Track160 is also recruiting at least 50 cadets, who will work with clubs to implement the system and provide in-person match day support for users. Working hand in hand with Universities, AFL SportsReady, the ASTN, Track160 is committed to growing jobs in the sports technology sector.

Mr. Ben Ari will be in Melbourne for the SportNXT conference from April 6-8 to discuss Track160 and the future of sports data and analytics.


About Track160

At Track160, we believe that every football coach and player deserve to have access to the same high-quality data solutions currently available only to the few elite clubs.

That is why we developed a fully automated FIFA EPTS certified football data analytics platform designed for clubs, leagues, schools, and academies at any level. Using optical tracking technology that automatically identifies the location of multiple joints in a player's body and tracks 3D pose and motion, we provide players and coaches with highly accurate data, video, and events in one product suite.

The all-in-one solution leverages Computer Vision and proprietary Deep Learning techniques and therefore requires no initial expertise or complex installation.

Track160 - elite standard data analytics in a simple to use, affordable solution for all levels of the game.

For further information:

Matt von Der Muhl

+61 409 133 561


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