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Track160 wins Leaders Innovation Lab 2018 Award

Track160, an Israeli startup company developing a fully automatic football analytics, coaching and prediction service using cutting edge deep learning technology, has won the Leaders Innovation Lab 2018 Award, one of the industry's prominent innovation competitions. The award was presented to company chairman Dr. Miky Tamir, during the Leaders Performance Summit in London on November 13th.

“Performance data is changing the fundamental way sports are being played, trained and watched.” Said Dr. Tamir. “Track160 is a revolutionary system implementing an integrated football-analytic approach. Our innovative solution allows the simultaneous collection of technical, tactical, physical and ball position data whereby football practitioners could obtain a comprehensive understanding of overall game performance.” he further added.

On Track160

Track160 was established in 2017 by Dr. Miki Tamir and Micha Birnbaum, leading experts in the field of sports technology and computer vision. Miki Tamir is one of the founders of Orad, Vumii, Sportvu, Stergen and Pixelot.

Track160 provides a solution to the emerging field of sports information analysis using AI, and offers an innovative way to track players / ball and tactical information production and performance analysis. Track160’s technology enables teams and coaches to get rid of cumbersome GPS and RF sensors and switch to fully automatic tracking without the need for a human operator. The system generates a per game or training session data-set, based on optical tracking of the players and the ball, decoded and catalogued by Deep Learning technologies developed exclusively by the company.

The use of an optical system only, which connects to an analysis product for the field coaches, is a breakthrough and a significant leap forward in the sports data market in terms of accuracy and ease of collection and installation.


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