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Track160 won the European SportsTech Award 2018

Track160, a young Israeli startup company developing a fully automatic football analytics service using cutting edge deep learning technology, has won the European SportsTech award, the world’s preeminent sports tech competition of the football industry. The victory cup was awarded to Dr. Miky Tamir, Track160 cofounder, during the SpielMacher conference in Hamburg on August 9th.

ESTA 2018 trophy

“Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning methods completely change the sports technology” said Dr. Tamir. “We can now produce new services and products for the sports professionals and for the broadcast and gaming markets that have never been dreamt of just few years ago. Track160 is in the forefronts of these technologies and we are more than proud to create the new markets paradigms and the new generation of football players”, he added.

About Track160

Track160 was established in 2017 by Dr. Miky Tamir and Micha Birnboim, leading experts in the field of sports technology and computer vision. Miky Tamir was also the cofounder of Orad, Sportvu, Stergen and Pixellot.

Track160 addresses the global mega trend of athletes quantification and offers a new, better way to track players and ball and produces performance and tactical metrics. No more cumbersome and expensive GPS sensors, nor RF receivers and no need for human operators. The system is fully automatic with no man in the loop. Based on the players IDs and locations and ball position the system automatically prepares a comprehensive team/players game analytics database as well as injury and roles predictions.

The extracted 3D poses of the players are also used to generate photorealistic live animation of the players as well as a 3D representation of the match opening door to an arsenal of new coaching, media and gaming apps.


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