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Weekly Football Data Analytics Roundup for April 3-9

A lot happens in football analytics that doesn’t fit into our normal articles but is worth knowing about anyway. The many incredible analysts who put their work up online should be noticed, and we’d like to point out a few pieces you may have missed on a weekly basis.

Andy Watson examines manager changes

The subject of coaches and managers is always a prickly one. People have their favorites, and we ourselves have discussed matters like Pep Guardiola’s management style. Andy Watson looks a little deeper into the regulations that allow the hiring of foreign coaches in the UK. He then applies it to look at possible managers for certain clubs. It is a fascinating and in-depth look into a process many do not know much about.

Liam Henshaw replaces Djed Spence

Djed Spence left Middlesbrough and was replaced. This happens all of the time in football, but this time, Liam Henshaw took a deeper look at it - not just at Spence’s replacement, but at the science of replacing players, and what other alternatives would have looked like. He looks at player data, trying to find which players could fill the gap Spence left behind.

Jamie Carragher looks at City vs Liverpool

The rivalry between Manchester City and Liverpool is legendary. The arguments about it are almost as exciting as the games themselves, and these days, they are both in excellent shape. Jamie Carragher discusses not just the historical rivalry, but also how in their current condition, with managers who are themselves game-changers, both clubs are poised to have incredibly exciting matches.

Ashwin Raman analyzes Tammy Abraham’s striking

Tammy Abraham’s skills as a striker are becoming more and more apparent, and Ashwin Raman discusses what exactly those skills are. Not just Abraham’s skill at shooting, but how he creates great chances for himself and constantly learns how to improve his play. Raman further examines how those skills contribute to teams, and what Abraham’s future could look like.

Did we miss something? Do you see something for a later round-up? Let us know!

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