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Weekly Football Data Analytics Roundup for February 6-12

Because of the confusion caused by never knowing if biweekly means once every two weeks or twice a week, we’ve changed our round-ups to weekly. A lot happens in football analytics that doesn’t fit into our normal articles but is worth knowing about anyway. The many incredible analysts who put their work up online should be noticed, and we’d like to point out a few pieces you may have missed on a now weekly basis.

A metric to measure other metrics

We heard you liked metrics, and Shreyas did too. He noticed that there is a pattern to how teams overperform compared to their xG. So he measured xG overperformance, and wrote a piece about it, discussing what it means, and how this can be worked on even more. There are no strong conclusions he comes to, but it is an interesting place to begin a discussion

Andy Watson launches his role scouting system

Andy Watson has recently discussed what skills are important for what roles. He’s put this into action and launched a new system, AWRSS. He defines more than 40 roles a team could have, and what skills those roles demand, and shows how to find the best player for each role. It is only in its beginning, but it seems like an invaluable resource.

Piotr Wawrzynów discusses discussions

This one is slightly meta, as Piotr Wawrzynów asks, basically, what a sports data writer should be writing about. He points at how some things are more common because of how easier they are to write, rather than interest, and shows a few other directions. This one is less for the readers of sports analytics, but for the writers. What are some interesting tracks you could go down, and how do you improve them?

Domagoj Kostanjšak asks how Barcelona can change

FC Barcelona has not had the best few years. Domagoj Kostanjšak looks at the club and how they’ve been playing and tries to see what could go right for them. He analyzes newer styles of play and shows how embracing the double pivot can help modernize the club.

Selim Ben Hmida analyzes the AFCON final

We discussed AFCON last week, and this week we have a piece by Selim Ben Hmida showing how the last match ended up. To spoil a game from last week, Egypt did not end up winning. However, the match itself had many great plays, and Ben Hmida analyzes those plays and what was right and wrong about them.

Did we miss something? Do you see something for a later round-up? Let us know!

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