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Football VIDEO Analysis

Auto-generated video clips of every event that occurred in the match

Football video analysis

Explore a collection of auto-generated video clips of every event that occurred in the match. Filter for passes, dribbles, goals, assists, throw-ins, free kicks, corners, dangerous moments, and create playlists of high quality video clips that can be viewed, shared or downloaded.

Fully Automated





All match events are auto-tagged using AI

A video clip is auto-generated for each event

Find clips in seconds with advanced filtering 

Create playlists for sharing and download 

Available FILTERS

Find any clip of any moment in the match using a large variety of filter combinations

Filter Presets

Find the specific footage you are looking for with a large array of filters, choosing specific players or types of moment that you want to explore. Save presets of multiple filters for future matches.

video event and player filters
Football video clips playlist


Save selected video clips in playlists. Create any number of playlists according to your needs and share or download the clips in MP4 format.


Experience the power of Track160's automated football analytics solution and learn how other oraganization leverage it to bring their high standards even higher

Football video analysis
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