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Track160 Academy

TRACK160’s cutting-edge technology rids the need for complex hardware and expensive infrastructure, letting your coaching staff focus on the tactical aspects of the game, rather than manually searching and clipping match events. 

FIFA EPTS Quality Certified


Track160’s automated football video analysis solution produces a vast trove of information, and going through it all can be confusing. We’ve made brief videos that explain different pages in the platform, and how to use them.

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis

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Video Analysis

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Sports Science





Performance Analysis

Find the numbers behind the high-level KPIs of the match. Get exact player speeds, position data, passing information, and dangerousity statistics alongside a video recording of the match and a tactical map.


Video Analysis

Go through this immense library of automated video clips of all the events from the match and find the ones you need. You can save them, edit them into a playlist, and download them for any usage you have.