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Fusing Video With
Professional Data Analytics

For Soccer Clubs & Academies

Fully Automated Soccer Analytics Platform For Any League Level - From Youth To Pro

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Be "That Club"
That Plays Like The Pros

Capitalize on FIFA-certified performance analytics and videos to drive forward player development, coaching analysis and capabilities and fan engagement.

FIFA Quality

FIFA EPTS Quality Certified

Match & Player Analysis

Tracking & performance data, automated event tagging & video clips, detailed tactical & fitness information - for every club, coach and player

Performance Analytics

Deep-dive into match performances to truly get the most out of your squad. Get as granular as you’d like and highlight areas for improvement. Uncover data regarding your team, an individual player, or group of your choice (like your back line); analyze match events such as counter-attacks, set pieces, and successful pressures; or explore unique parameters such as squad compactness, passing networks, and outplayed-players to see how your team performed.

Video Analysis

Watch back and assess key moments from the match through a collection of auto-generated video clips that cover every event. Create a dedicated high-quality playlist from clips of key passes, goals, free kicks, or dangerous passes to name a few, and share them with your coaching staff and players.

Sports Science

Examine detailed reports of the players’ physical metrics and review their fitness and tactical data throughout the match. Dissect the data to review physical metrics such as sprints, distance covered, and acceleration to name a few, along with a comprehensive drill-down of passing data - including passing directions, positions, intensity, and more.

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Be "That Club"
That Everybody Talks About

Leading In The Data Era

Lead the way by becoming a data-driven club. Empower your coaches and staff to make educated decisions based on true performance analysis and give your players the opportunity to break their ceiling.

"Track160 Is Soccer’s Next Leap"
— Joe Lemire, Sporttechie

Get Your Players To
Be Seen And Scouted

Take center stage on social media and shine a light on tomorrow’s superstars with Player160 -  a mobile app for your club that generates personalized videos and stats with each of your players.

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