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Literally Game-Changing 

Soccer Analytics Powered By Groundbreaking Computer Vision And Deep Learning Models

Computer Vision

Let The Tech
Do The Heavy-Lifting

TRACK160’s cutting-edge technology rids the need for complex hardware and expensive infrastructure, letting your coaching staff focus on the tactical aspects of the game, rather than manually searching and clipping match events. 

FIFA Quality

FIFA EPTS Quality Certified

Single Viewpoint Computer Vision

Through one single-viewpoint camera setup, the platform can record, tag, and analyze every event throughout the match automatically. There’s no need for human operators to tag events, for players to wear GPS sensors, or for clubs to invest in expensive hardware.


Continuous Skeleton Tracking

Groundbreaking optical tracking technology continuously tracks the movement of the players from both teams (and the ball) at all times across the entire field by identifying the location of each joint of the players’ body and tracking its motion

Advanced Deep Learning Models

Driven by powerful machine learning algorithms, TRACK160’s platform delivers automated, granular physical and tactical breakdowns of player performances with the accuracy levels of top experts, yet require no human intervention.

Coach160 Mokcup

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Be "That Club"
That Everybody Talks About

Professional Soccer Analytics From Youth To Pro

Embrace cutting-edge technology and become a club that leads the way. Give your players and coaching staff the tools to step up their game and take their game to the next level.

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