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Weekly Football Data Analytics round-up for May 1-7

A lot happens in football analytics that doesn’t fit into our normal articles, but is worth knowing about anyway. The many incredible analysts who put their work up online should be noticed, and we’d like to point out a few pieces you may have missed on a weekly basis.

Ollie Hopkins discusses Arsenal’s corners

Their last two weeks have been pretty good, but writing for The Analyst, Ollie Hopkins notices a place where Arsenal have been especially good: Their corner shots. He analyzes the numbers behind it, finds the culprit (their new setpiece coach), and writes an insightful and interesting piece about Arsenal’s capabilities

Grace Robertson breaks the rules

There seems to be a rule in football that managers last three years. In her new piece, Grace Robertson points out two exceptions to that rule: The rivals Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. Both of these managers have been with their clubs for a long time now, with no sign of slowing down, and Robertson examines their work and discusses how they reached that longevity.

The Coaches’ Voice discuss a different Pep

The Coaches’ Voice podcast’s new episode discusses a masterclass - Pep Lijnders’s. Not only is the master class itself fascinating and educational, the podcast itself is as well, and even more so Ross Flintloft’s ideas collected in a document. An invaluable resource for coaches.

Adam Scully analyzes Rangers vs Leipzig

It isn’t enough to know how much a team won by. It’s worth explaining how, and how well they did it. Adam Scully, writing for Total Football Analysis, discusses the match between the two, and how Rangers got the UEL finals.

Did we miss something? Do you see something for a later round-up? Let us know!

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